PSC Partners with Aston Villa

Pacesetter Soccer Club is excited to announce an official partnership with Aston Villa Football Club of the English Premier League. It is the first agreement of its kind for Pacesetter and Aston Villa, with the goal in mind of developing top level soccer players in North America.

"The partnership is an exciting opportunity for both Pacesetter Soccer Club and Aston Villa" said Jimmy Walker, Executive Director of Coaching at Pacesetter Soccer Club. "Aston Villa Football Club is one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in England and was a founder member of the English Football League, established in 1874. They have had a massive history, including; winning the European Cup, the English League Championship along with multiple FA and League Cups. Aston Villa is one of the top five teams in the history of the English Premier League and it is a fantastic opportunity for the Midwest and for American soccer that this link has been formed."

The Partnership will involve the Academy staff at Aston Villa working alongside Pacesetter Soccer Club Coaches. The goal is to share coaching education techniques and ideas to help develop top players in North America. The agreement will also serve as a potential scouting network between top American players and Aston Villa, with the hopes of one day seeing a local player in the English Premier League. This opportunity will also serve as an avenue to promote the Aston Villa brand in America and grow its fan base throughout the USA.

"We're very happy to support Pacesetter Soccer Club and we wish the partnership every success" Aston Villa Chief Executive Paul Faulkner said... Read more about the AV / PSC partnership.

PSC Wins OYSAN Club Awards

Ohio Youth Soccer Association -North has informed us that Pacesetter won OYSAN's Boys Club of the Year award again this year. It is a fantastic accomplishment for our Club. This achievement is made possible by the hard work and sacrifice of our Coaches, Players, Managers and Parents.

This is the sixth time we have received this award in seven years and it is fantastic that we continue to stay at the top year after year. As you all know, getting to the top is hard work - staying there is even harder! We have a fantastic group of young lads coming through our program currently, we have an excellent coaching staff and all our teams are capable of great things this spring.

What makes this even better for us is we also won OYSAN's Girls Club of the Year award for the first time! This is the first time ever in Ohio North that a single Club has won both the Boys and Girls Club of the Year awards in the same year.

With that being stated, we need to keep up the good work and continue to work even harder and smarter so we can keep getting better. I know for a fact other clubs in the state will want to knock us off the top spot next year so we can not take our eye off the ball!

-Jimmy Walker, Executive Director

Laws of the Game

Know the rules! Visit FIFA's web site to learn more about the rules of the game you love. See FIFA's Laws of the Game.

Uniform Purchase Links

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Financial Assistance Available

Financial Assistance is available to those who demonstrate financial hardship.

Applications for 2013-2014 Seasonal year are due July 13th. Notifications will be made on or around July 31, 2013.

For more information about our Financial Assistance program, click here.

To be considered for an award of financial assistance for this seasonal year, you must complete the downloadable Financial Assistance form and submit it with all supporting documentation to Karen Pool, Club Administrator, The Pacesetter Soccer Club, 5400 West Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43615. The application will be reviewed by the Board Scholarship Committee. Applicants must be willing to send proof of income and, where applicable, other evidence of need.

Link your Kroger Plus Card to Pacesetter

As a 501c3 (non-profit) Organization, Pacesetter Soccer Club is eligible to receive Community Rewards Points from Kroger! It costs you nothing but a few minutes on-line to set up a Kroger "my" account and help the club. For info, including instructions, click here.

Pacesetter Scrip Program

Through WTPSPA, PSC member families may establish a scrip program account, which will assist families is saving money toward the cost of soccer. In its inaugural year, participating member families averaged $400 in savings in less than a half year, and regular members of the program have been known to save $1,000 to $2,000 annually. An important note, PSC receives no monies from your purchases, but offers this opportunity solely for each member family's personal benefit. click for more info.

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